Thursday, March 22, 2007

What Caused This Confrontation?

Between British troops and Iraqi police?
Two British troops had been arrested by the Iraqi police. Why you ask?
Just that they were dressed as Arabs and fired on them, that's all.
Both men were members of the SAS elite special forces(read:Black Ops), sources told the BBC's Richard Galpin in Baghdad.
al-Jazeera news channel footage, purportedly of the equipment carried in the men's car, showed assault rifles, a light machine gun, an anti-tank weapon, radio gear and medical kit.

More significantly, have the occupation forces been involved in similar undercover missions? Syrian TV (Sept 19, 2005) reports the following:

Ten Iraqis - seven police commandos, two civilians and a child - were killed and more than 10 others wounded in the explosion of two car bombs near two checkpoints in Al-Mahmudiyah and Al-Latifiyah south of Baghdad while hundreds of thousands of Iraqis were heading towards the city of Karbala to mark the anniversary of a religious event.

And in a significant incident in the city of Basra, which is also marking the same religious event, Iraqi demonstrators set fire to two British tanks near a police station after Iraqi police had arrested two British soldiers disguised in civilian clothes for opening fire on police. Eight armoured British vehicles surrounded the police station before the eruption of the confrontations. A policeman at the scene said the two detained Britons were wearing traditional Iraqi jallabahs [loose cloaks] and wigs.

Officer Jack McLamb reports on his radio program 21 Mar 2007( that 100,000 contractors operate in Iraq, many of them Blackwater Mercenaries. He has reports from the field these mercenaries are conducting Black Ops within Iraq where they dress as Sunnis and commit terrorist acts, then dress as Shiites and commit additional terrorist attacks against the Iraqi people.

What better way to ensure a prolonged and profitable war!

More evidence of Treason!