Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mineta Declares Cheney Ordered Stand-Down of NORAD on 9/11

Norman Mineta testimony before congress:Dick Cheney Ordererd NORAD To STAND-DOWN!
Our wonderful,well trained military pilots could have taken these planes out,according to the mission of NORAD, if allowed to do so! This Stand Down order only cost about 3000 lives. We can just chalk it all up to "collateral damage"!

Gee, looks like everything went according to plans. After all, we practiced
these attacks months earlier. Then we lied saying we had no knowledge that such attacks could occur.


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brownge41 said...

Below is the Google video link to a documentary called The Great Conspiracy. Approximately 45:30 minutes into this film, is the video by a French Camera Team, who were taping in Manhattan on that 9/11 morning when the first "alleged" jet crashed into Tower 1. Listen to how fast this object passed overhead, and note how small the object was, which the French camera crew filmed hitting the first tower. It had to be a cruise missile. All the MSM video that was released later, had to be fabricated with the slower-motion overlay of the 757 jetliners, that allegedly to hit each tower. See: