Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Operation Phoenix

Let's Not Stop The War(7:23)
Inside info on Vietnam.

"The United States clearly set quotas in an attempt to force the GVN (Government of South Vietnam) officials into something they preferred not to undertake". As a matter of fact, Vietnam Information Notes, published by the U.S. State Department in July 1969 reported that, "The target for 1969 calls for the elimination of 1800 VCI per month" as fulfillment of the quotas set by those running the Phoenix Program.

The CIA-backed Phoenix Program assassinated and jailed large numbers of Vietnamese civilians without evidence of judicial procedure. This fact was confirmed by Colby in an admission to Representative Reid in his July 1971 testimony before Congress. According to Colby, the Phoenix Program had resulted in the deaths of 20,587 persons as of May 1971. That number, proportionate to population, would have totaled over 200,000 Americans deliberately assassinated over a three-year period had Phoenix been conducted in the United States.

More evidence of Treason!

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