Saturday, February 24, 2007

Uncle Sam Spies On You! hee,hee,hee,this is fun !

Watch this amazing C-SPAN footage overview of the Church Committee(1973) investigating domestic spying on American Citizens(YES,1973!). Notice the shrewd "play on words" by our elected representatives trying to justify clear criminal activity. Instead of calling it what it is-A CRIME, they use the term "overreaching" and "mission creep". Now we know that our government spying on us is really only "mission creep". Maybe the truth is we have a CREEP doing the mission.
Oh,by the way. The spying on American citizens has never stopped. Now being enjoyed by the CIA and NSA for their spying pleasure. When they get caught, they just terminate a low level employee and call it "mission creep". And don't forget Choicepoint company who maintains data on all your credit card purchases and sells the information to the govt. spy agencies as well as the IRS. Welcome to Amerika!
Choicepoint can be found at

"In its consideration of covert action, the Committee was struck by the basic tension--if not incompatibility--of covert operations and the demands of a constitutional system. Secrecy is essential to covert operations; secrecy can, however, become a source of power, a barrier to serious policy debate within the government, and a means of circumventing the established checks and procedures of government. The Committee found that secrecy and compartmentation contributed to a temptation on the part of the Executive to resort to covert operations in order to avoid bureaucratic, congressional, and public debate."

The Church Committee

More evidence of Treason!

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